Master Post

Welcome to the Grade 1 French Immersion Master Post!  I will include all the general information that you need to know on this page.  I hope you find it helpful.

The envelope is your child’s mail and homework bag. They are to go back and forth between school and home everyday. Please allow your child to be responsible for his or her own envelope, and please also take a few minutes for yourself to look through it after school everyday. Make sure he/she knows what is in the envelope (notes, money) and that he/she remembers to bring it to school each day.



  • Students will receive new words every Monday to practice writing in their Pré-dictée workbook. They will practice writing out these new words neatly and with the correct spelling every night.
  • They will write a Dictée test every Friday morning, where I will check for spelling, and the ability to nicely write out the words.
  • As much as possible, please try to write on the same page as was previously started on, as we are trying to conserve cahier space.  However, it is also fine if you feel that going over to the next page is necessary.
  • Please refer to the Pré-dictée page for the updated list of the words that they practice.

Cahier jaune:

  • Please help your child to complete only one page of this cahier every night (never more than one).
  • They will say the words on the bottom left hand of the page aloud, and circle the sound that is being focused on when they hear it. They will then colour the image on the page, and neatly write out the letter/sound in a single line on the bottom of the page.
  • Please note that students have been told that sloppy work is not accepted and they will be asked to re-do it if necessary.
  • Please refer to the Cahier jaune criteria for more information on how this must be completed.

Livret rouge:

  • Students will paste a new sound into this workbook at school.
  • They will take it home with them, practice saying the sound, French words which contain the sound, and the action that is associated with it (which is taught in class).
  • This is the only booklet that students will take home with them over the weekend.  As there is no writing or colouring required, we ask only that students practice the latest sound that was added to the book by saying the sound and doing the associated action.

Students will have these three things to do for homework every Monday-Thursday.  Other than the small task of reviewing the sound in the livret rouge, students will typically have no homework over the weekend!  🙂

Music Days
We have Music with Madame Magus every Wednesday & Friday morning.  As they are still in primary, they need nothing for this class, but if ever they are required to bring anything, I will inform you.

Gym Days
We have Gym every Tuesday & Thursday. For now, students bring only their gym shoes with them. Everyone has their gym shoes already with them in their gym bags, which remains at school on their hooks. Monsieur Martinek will inform me when he thinks they are ready to change into their actual gym attire (gym shirt and shorts).  I will inform you as soon as he makes this decision!

Library Days
We have Library every Monday afternoon.  Please ensure that your child has a suitable book bag, because without one, our librarian will not allow them to borrow any books (as many books are damaged by water bottles and food in student backpacks).  If they ordered an Edupac, the clear, zip-up bag they received will work just fine.  If they do not have an Edupac, a sturdy plastic bag with a drawstring, such as a GAP bag will also work well.  If your child borrows a book, please also help them to remember to bring back it back for next Monday, otherwise they will be overdue after 2 weeks — and our librarian will not be happy! 😦

Home Reading Program
We will hopefully begin the Home Reading Program after Thanksgiving weekend.  This will give us time to train the parent readers.  It will also allow me to get a sense of the students’ reading level.  In the mean time, please do not wait for the program to begin before reading with your child.  Your child should be reading (livres en français!) for about 15-20 minutes each night.

Parent Participation Hours
Thank you all for generously giving your time to your children and the school! For those that returned it from Meet the Teacher Night, I have collected the forms that indicate which activities certain parents are able to volunteer for.  There is not usually anything pressing or that needs attention right away, but if there is, I will always send out a general e-mail asking for parents’ help.  If a certain activity (such as a field trip, or a certain task that was specified on the form) is coming up or needs completing, I will contact the parents that specifically said that they were able to help out in that area.

If there is something you feel I should include in this Master Post, please let me know and I will certainly consider it. Merci beaucoup!

Madame Sanico