Week of Sept. 19-23

Here’s a recap of our week!

In Français, we learned the “I”, “S”, and “A” sound!  We reviewed all week on these sounds, learned new French vocabulary that contained these sounds, and three new hand gestures for “S”, “A”, and “T”!  We practiced neatly writing our names for our very first Dictée test and continued to not only write these letters out neatly, but also identify pictures that contained the sounds.

For Les mathématiques, we continued with our unit on patterns, which is called une régularité or une suite en français!  We practiced making patterns with pearls and coloured circles,  and learned how we can also associate numbers to patterns!  We even made bracelets d’amitié, also known as friendship bracelets, and applied our newly gained math knowledge by using colour patterns for the “accessories”, and even combined this activity with our “C’est quoi un bon ami?” story from les sciences humaines!

For La réligion, students absolutely loved the story of Adam and Eve!  Together, we read aloud the story of how God created Adam in his perfect world, then Eve.  Then we learned about how Satan became the Devil, and how he tried and succeeded in getting Adam and Eve to sin.  We reflected on the importance of following God’s instructions, and why it is important to obey what God, our parents, and our teachers tell us!

For Les sciences humaines, also known as “social studies”, we focused on good classroom behaviour and how to interact with our classmates.  We talked about the importance of sharing, how to ask politely, and wait for our turn.  Students were asked to reflect on the importance of having and keeping a good attitude, even if someone else is having a bad day and being a little sour to us!  We then read a story about what it means to be a friend, which we later tied to our bracelets d’amitié math activity!

Our large focus over the course of these last few days has been acquiring an understanding of French words and sounds.  Reinforcing good classroom behaviour has also been a very big part of our day.  What with so much time devoted to these things, as well as our math, we haven’t yet had an opportunity to begin our science unit — though we HAVE discussed the subjects of seasons changing, the weather, and also talked about our last day of summer turning to our first day of fall, which is all part of the coming science units.

In addition to all of this, we had our regular Library, Music, and PE classes during the week.  We also attended an “Ici on parle français” assembly where our K-4 French stream students were encouraged to speak French in and out of the classroom, for the chance to win some prizes!  We also met with our Grade 5F buddies and attended the monthly mass this week.

I think it would be a very good thing if you were to ask your child what they learned about what it means to listen, take turns, and to respect others.  We discuss it often in class, but as I believe that parents are the first and primary educators of their children, it would be a great help to remain consistent, by reinforcing these positive discussions and encouraging positive behaviour in school, as well as participation!  Everyone has the most fun in class when everyone is having fun and participating!  🙂

I hope this gives you an idea of what we learned/did in class.  Thanks for taking the time to read, and may you all have a blessed weekend!

Madame Sanico


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