Thurs Sept. 22 Reminders

Mes chers parents,

I have sent an e-mail regarding the cahier jaune criteria. I will include it once again on the blog, for those who would like to be reminded  🙂

Cahier jaune criteria

  • Crayons for colouring only (no felts)
  • Pencils for tracing and writing only (no pen)
  • Children should use life-like colours for the pictures, in order to accustom them to the appropriate colours for the real-life objects
  • Colour WITHIN the lines — no sloppiness, please!
  • Trace and write NEATLY: use the finger as a spacing tool (“doigt comme espace“), letters must touch the TOP line and the BOTTOM line, like in the figure below.

Please note: it is highly important that the children receive guidance as they complete their homework. In this way, the correct criteria is reinforced at home, and it helps them get into the good habit of following this specified criteria. Thank you all so much for your help in this area!

Another note: please also note that I will not be including a copy of our classroom schedule on the blog, simply because, in primary, there is no fixed timetable. We do have certain things that happen every week, such as Library, Music, and PE, (all of which is included on the Master Post, though they too sometimes change), but everything else is likely to fluctuate. We often experience interruptions with assemblies, paraliturgies, and other things. As mentioned before, I’ll include a summary of the activities and things that we learned over the week, so this will help you understand what our days looked like.  🙂

We pasted another sound in the livret rouge! Please take a few minutes to practice the sound and associated hand action that goes with the sound “A”.  🙂

Students have their Pré-dictée cahier with them in their envelopes. Please help them to practice writing out their first name another five times (neatly!), because tomorrow is our first Dictée test!

Students are doing a great job raising money for our Walkathon aka Marcheton (en français).  If your child raises $65 or more, they may bring their pledge form to school to collect their fabulous yellow t-shirt!  Please note that money is not required at this time.  Please do not send the money with your child until the day of the Marcheton.  Merci!

Lastly, students went home with Hot Lunch forms today. Please indicate what your child is ordering, and bring back the forms and money by the indicated date.

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

Merci bien pour votre aide et soutien!

Madame Sanico


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