Thurs Feb. 16 Reminders & Updates

Bonjour parents,
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the sun while it’s out!
Just a few reminders and updates for the rest of this week…
Cahier jaune — Thank you for diligently helping your children complete this new cahier!  In the previous instructions, I forgot to include that students must also colour the images on the page.  For yesterday’s page, since it was not mentioned, students do not have to colour the pictures.  For tonight’s homework, students will please continue to write out the correct sounds that they hear, and then colour the pictures (neatly, and using realistic colours, otherwise they have been told it will not be accepted!).  Please let me know if you have any questions about this.
I Am A Gift from God — Today we continued our Gift from God program.  We discussed as class how to say and show the word “NO” and how to go and tell someone about inappropriate behaviour.  In their envelopes, students have taken with them their cahier.  They have been asked to please review page 4 with their parents — the steps for saying no and going to tell an adult until the inappropriate behaviour stops.  No additional reading or writing, just having a discussion.
Talent Show Auditions — Talent Show audition slips went home in envelopes today.  If your child signed up, they are asked to please remember their audition time and date.  I also have with me a master copy for when my students are expected to attend, so if they need reminding, not to worry — I will be able to tell them when it is their turn if they have forgotten.
Mass tomorrow — Tomorrow morning we have mass first thing.  Please assure that your child is wearing their sweater and/or vest! 🙂
Carnaval — The Carnaval is a week away!  The Carnaval Coordinators are in great need of candy jars.  Please refer to the Communique to see what size candy jars offers the number of parent volunteer hours that you need.  Also, starting tomorrow we will be selling passports for the Carnaval.  If you would like to purchase one, please visit the gym foyer after school!

Month of January

Bonjour tout le monde,

The month of January has been a busy month of learning for us all!  Here’s a brief summary of the things we have been learning:

In Français, we have been continuing with our sound combinations.  We have finished with the “ê” vowel, though we will be continuing to revisit the different vowel sounds throughout the rest of the school year.  We worked on our “ou” sound in our Dictée and associated to the animals that we were learning about in Science.  We also focused on our “p” and “r” sounds and have worked hard in our grammar textbooks, combining each sound with the different “e” sounds in French (e, é, è, ê).  We have also continued to work hard on our writing conventions, in our Journal and Histoire workbooks, for example, putting capitals where they need to be, letter spacing, neater writing, and using classroom resources (posters, books, etc.) to help us spell our words.

In Mathématiques, we have been working on becoming experts on our adding.  The students have become very good at representing numbers higher than 10 in tally form (les marques de pointage) form, and have truly impressed me with how well they can represent different numbers up to 20 with the use of 3-5 dice (les dés).  We have also begun working with number lines (la droite numérique) and have learned how we can use them to add and subtract.  We have become experts at counting up to 70 in French, and are practicing everyday to count by 5s in French up to 100.  We have also begun to subtract, and I’m sure that very soon soon we will become experts at that as well!

In Science, we have explored Le Monde Arctique by discussing two different animals that live in the winter habitat!  We related our French Language Arts to the ours polaire and le pingouin, both of which coincidentally have the “ou” sound that we were learning about!  We learned about the life cycle of the polar bear and expanded our French vocabulary by brainstorming as a class what the polar bear can do, what it eats, and describing its appearance.  We also had some real nurses from Douglas College come visit our classroom to explain to us why it’s important to wash our hands.  They talked to us about germs and bacteria and even taught us a fun song that we can sing while we wash up!

In Réligion, we focused on the Epiphany (L’épiphanie).  We talked about how the Epiphany is celebrated here in BC and talked about the different names we might call the 3 Wise Men (Les 3 Rois, Les Sages, or Les 3 Rois Sages).  We learned the story of how they followed a star and came to find baby Jesus in the manger.  We also learned new French vocabulary by creating a dice with pictures on it to help us remember the new things and words that we learned.  We have also studied the Fatima 5 Prayer since it was once again the prayer of the month, and have also reflected on the prayer in preparation for our ice skating field trip (how to show the Fatima 5 even when not in school).  We are doing our best to become experts at reciting this prayer in French!

In Les sciences humaines, we have related back to our Religion studies through the Fatima 5 behaviour.  We have discussed how we personally show the Fatima 5 behaviour in school and at home.  We have also talked about the New Year and the goals that we share as a class in Grade 1F.  Together we brainstormed the different things that we can try to accomplish for the rest of the school year — some of the goals we created together were to speak more French (even in regular conversation with our friends, and even during recess), and to always show our politeness by saying “Merci” and “s’il vous plaît“.  We also learned about Le Nouvel An Chinois (Chinese New Year) and the lunar calendar.  We learned about the 12 different animals that mark the Lunar New Year and made cool lanterns to celebrate the year of the rooster (le coq)!

On top of these, we have continued to attend our regular P.E., Library, and music classes.  Grade 1F also participated in Hip hop, ice skating, attended a cool Iskwew music performance, and had so much fun together in January.

Thanks for keeping up with Grade 1F!  We are so looking forward to what February has to bring.

God bless,

Madame Sanico


Fri Feb. 3 Weekend Updates & Reminders

Bonjour parents,

I hope everyone is doing well — despite the snow!

Just a few updates and reminders for this weekend…

  • I Am A Gift from God
    • Last week, a notice went home notifying parents that we would soon be beginning the I Am A Gift from God program.  We have started our first lesson, and the students have received a new workbook to go with the program.  They have been sent home in envelopes.
    • Parents are please asked to review what they learned in this lesson and what they have completed in their workbook (which is in English).
    • Students have completed page 1 of the workbook.  They are asked to complete page 2 with your guidance at home.
    • In the first lesson, we discussed what parts of the body are considered private (things covered by a bathing suit) and what parts are not.
    • To help facilitate the learning at home, there are Parent Lesson Plans that are available in paper form that I can distribute, but I will also be making them available through PDF to save paper and also to make it more conveniently accessible.  When they have been converted to PDF, I will make them available through the class blog.
    • Please note that this is meant to be taught in English, so that we can be sure that students are fully understanding the lessons and ideas.  However, please also note that we keep our class discussions and brainstorms in 100% French and only begin the English portion of the lesson when we begin work in the workbook, and we start to review all the things that we discussed in French but once more in English.
    • If you have any other questions about the Gift from God Program, please let me know.
  • Homework
    • Dictée – Dictée workbooks have been sent home in envelopes.  Please review your child’s work and sign it so that we know that you have seen it.  As mentioned in another e-mail, please also make sure to help your child do the corrections as indicated in the workbook.  I have taken another look and have seen that some corrections still have not yet been made.  For example, if je mange x3 is written, we are asking that your child please write out je mange another 3 times.
    • Home Reading – I heard that some parents might have lost or misplaced the red and green cards in the home reading bags.  You might have noticed that I made new ones and placed them in your child’s bag — if you still have the ones from before, the new ones can just be kept as extras at home.  Please also note that we did not get a chance to switch the books today.
    • I Am A Gift from God – Please complete page 2 of the new workbook with your child at home.  The Parent Lesson Plans will hopefully be PDF available via the blog by the weekend.
  • Parent Participation Opportunity
    • As you all know, we will soon be starting a new cahier jaune (yellow workbook)!  We are in need of 1 parent for Monday or Tuesday next week to come help another parent to put the puts together.  This parent would have to be available during the day time (morning time) because they would be working in the resources room with our machines.  Please let me know if you are able to come by and help out.  Thank you in advance!
  • Library
    • Students have library on Monday afternoons.  Please make sure they have their book and book bag with them so that they are able to borrow another.

That’s all for now.  Please let me know if there are any questions.  Have a wonderful weekend with the snow!


Madame Sanico

Thurs Feb. 2 Updates & Reminders

Bonjour parents,

I hope everyone is doing well.  February is here and all the students are very excited about it!

Just a few updates and reminders for the rest of this week and next week…

Water bottles – Please ensure that your child brings a plastic or durable, non-breakable water bottle to school with them.  We have had 2 glass water bottles shatter in the classroom during this week alone, so better safe than sorry!

P.E. Strip – Monsieur Martinek has now decided that Grade 1F can change into both tops and bottoms for PE!  We had PE today and many of them already had their shorts and tops with them, which is great to see how prepared they all have been for this moment!  If you have not yet gotten your child a pair of shorts for PE, please do so.

New yellow cahier – A new yellow cahier will be prepared and will go home soon to replace the J’écris en script cahiers.  When the new yellow is prepared and ready to send home, the J’écris  en script cahier will stay at the school, where we will continue to work on them during class time.  As usual, when they are sent home, students will complete one page a day with your guidance.

**Parent Participation Opportunity – In preparation of the yellow cahier, we are in need of 1 other parent that is available during the day tomorrow (Fri Feb. 3) to assist another parent that I have enlisted.  If you are available during the morning time tomorrow and are in need of parent participation hours, please let me know right away.  If not, hopefully I will find a parent that will be able to help sometime next week (Monday or Tuesday morning).

Hot lunch forms – Hot lunch forms went home in the envelopes today.  This is for Wed Feb. 22nd.  If you would like to make an order for your child, please submit the form and money by the due date Mon Feb. 6th.

Fatima’s Got Talent – The Talent show permission forms have been sent home today.  If your child would like to perform something in a single or group act, please submit the form by Tues Feb 7th.  The Talent Show itself will not be until April.  I’m excited to see all the piano players, dancers, and joke-tellers from Grade 1F on stage!

Dictée – We have our Dictée test tomorrow morning.  Please continue to practice writing read, writing, and listening the words with your child at home (dans, dimanche, une ange, un ruban, je mange)

Scholastic book orders – I have now been opted-in as a teacher for the online payments.  If you would like to order something for your child and you would like to pay via online, please visit to do so.  Please note that you can only pay the amount owing through this method — you cannot place any orders.  You will still need to submit to me the form that indicates what books/products that you are ordering (this step is required).  I am also still happy to accept payment in cheques to send off to Scholastic.  Whichever method you prefer

That’s all for now.  Grade 1F is excited to begin February and learn more new things together!

Many blessings,

Madame Sanico

Sat Jan. 28 Updates & Reminders

Bonjour parents,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Here are some updates and reminders for this coming week…

Dictée – Dictée books have gone home for signing.  Please also check previous pages of the Dictée to make sure that your child is doing the corrections that we have asked them to complete.  I have seen a few where they have not been done.  Please also do the same for the Je lis en script workbooks and assure that the child is re-writing what is being asked of them 😊

Montre et Raconte – A reminder that the new Montre et Raconte begins on Monday.  The description/instructions have been added to the Montre et Raconte page.  If it is your child’s turn as indicated on the calendar, please help them choose the book, the passage they will read, and how to answer the questions that the class will ask.

Student Led Conferences – If your child in my class is also the eldest or only child in the school and has not yet received a paper confirming the time of your visit in their envelope, please let me know.  You will be receiving one this coming week.

Library – Please make sure your child brings back the book they borrowed so that they are able to get a new one.  A reminder to please also make sure that they  have their book bags for borrowing!

Mass – We will be going to Mass next week on Thursday morning.  Please make sure your child has their sweater and/or vest so that we can look our best!

Tissues – Thank you very much to all the parents that have kindly given our class a box of tissues.  We should be set for a while (at least for the rest of the semester) but if you would still like to give us a box or two, we would be happy (and grateful!) to accept.

That’s all we have for now!  I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the weekend.  Merci!

God bless,

Madame Sanico

Reminders for Mon Jan. 23

Bonjour parents,

I hope everyone is doing well.  Just a reminder that we have our ice skating field trip tomorrow.

  • Ice skating:
    • We will be leaving the school promptly at 9:00AM so please be on time.
    • For the parents who are driving, please wait outside of the classroom pick up door (unless it is raining, otherwise please feel free to wait in the hall outside our room).
    • When the students have been reminded about proper field trip behaviour one last time, we will gather inside the classroom and I will call out the list of which students will be going in which parent’s car.
    • A reminder that if you checked YES on the form, please ensure that your child has their booster seat with them.
    • If you also indicated on the form that your child has their own skates, please make sure that they have brought those with them as well.
    • This is a non-uniform day for those who are going ice skating, so just a reminder that your child wears shoes/skates/clothes with their name clearly labelled.
    • We aim to be back at school by or before lunch time.
    • Another reminder that parents who are driving are asked to please help with skate lace-up and supervision on the ice.
  • Library – please also note that just like every Monday, the students have Library later on in the afternoon.  Along with their skating attire, gear, and booster seats, please also make sure your child brings their library bag and/or the book that they have yet to return.
  • Absences – If you know for sure that your child will be absent tomorrow, please let me know ASAP.  Also, a big thank you to everyone for being so diligent with e-mailing me about your child’s absences/tardies.  It is definitely making our job for keeping our records up to date much easier!
It’s going to be a busy but fun day!  We’re excited to have you join us.
If there are any questions, please let me know.  Merci beaucoup!

January 2017

Bonjour à tous,

Though I have already done this, and though we are well into the New Year, please allow me to wish you all a wonderful 2017 –

Je vous souhaite une joyeuse nouvelle année.  Amusez-vous et profitez de vos beaux moments.  Prenez le temps de les  vivre et des les capturer avec les yeux, le coeur.

Thank you for the last semester we had in 2016.  Merci pour les belles rencontres, les belles histoires de vous et de vos enfants, et les belles émotions pour lesquelles j’ai été témoin dans ma salle de classe.

2017 et la reste de l’année scolaire… j’ai hâte de vous découvrir avec Classe 1F!  I am eager to experience the new year with the class! 🙂

Madame Sanico